Thursday, January 05, 2006

Solar Mortality Theory

SYNOPSIS- End of the 2nd Millenium
This BLOG is intended for future inhabitants of planet Earth to
let humans of 3rd milenium know just what we were aware of,
what we faced at the early stages of the next 1000yrs-
Its an attempt to grapple with our ongoing problems of human
rights and overpopulation, that we were aware of the undesirable
results of overpopulation that led to bouts of recurring genocides
where solutions reqd changes in social mores and human rights
values such as limiting an individuals Reproduction Rights.

This BLOG is an attempt to bring us to our reproductive senses-
That theres no lifeboats aboard our spacecraft Earth, a finite thin
shell only 5 mi. thk x 8000 mi.dia.with limited life support capacity.
1st world humans consume energy at 5X the rate of 3rd world people.
Present rates of reproduction put us on a Titanic collision coarse

For sustainable life support, its imperitive that socio-economic value
systems adjust to correct for these facts of life. Like General Long-
street knowingly said before he sent 1000s of men to their slaughter
at the Battle of Gettysburgh-"Its just a matter of numbers, with all the
cannon aimed to fire crisscross over open fields-there's no chance"

The challenge of Change in Values mankind faces is overwhelming-
To go on reproducing like so many lemmings is the single largest
threat to human life on this planet- Hey, Al-Queda is just part of our
traditional solution, we always end up by increasing deathrates.

Family Values? Sorry but it ain't the GAYS who are the problem-
GAYS are part of solution. GAYS don't have kids, they ADOPT !
See any Right to Lifers at the adoption clinics in the news, do you?
Sorry POPE, religious right ARE part of the population problem- DUH
They're having all the kids and ruining our planet in the process.

Not that Family Values are evil, they're just the root of ALL mankinds
problems as we will see in following historical record- read it youself.
Sorry about that, wish it not true but the Earth Ain't FLAT is it? DUH
It took 3 centuries for the Vatican to finally realize the Earth does
move around the Sun. How long to figure out the Earth's not Flat?
that we can't go on reproducing like lemmings forever, huh? DUH
Again, its just a matter of numbers on a finite planet surface.
And we depend on leaders who still live in the past- it that dumb?
It means there's really no intelligent life on our planet, yet...

Summary- Modern History
Following is description of what we now know was driving the human

race into recurring bouts of global socio-economic-political upheaval
occuring every 3 solar cycles like clockwork- where our solution had
been global warfare, pestilence and genocide to drastically increase
the death rate whereas a more logical solution would be a decrease
in birth rate to maintain a socio-economic balance in society.

In 1993, Cancer researchers with help of Solar scientists, made an
astounding discovery correlating growth of the human race with the
solar cycle where the sun reverses poles every 11.1 yrs, reverting
back to original polarity after another 11.1yrs for 22.2yrs total cycle.

Jupiter's 10yr orbit may influence wrapup of the solar flux wherein
sunspots appear at high latitudes and progress toward equator
to reach a maximum no. just before the reversal of magnetic poles.

The discovery is "The Solar Mortality Theory"
It may be the most important discovery since
Theory of Relativity since it defines events
of MODERN HISTORY at end of 2nd Milenium.

Solar Mortality by Cancer
The sun reverses poles every 11.1yrs avg, releasing peak levels of
damaging radiation impacting inhabitants of Earth. Solar damage
done to the human race is this- If a female is born during a year of a
solar reversal, ALL of her eggs are formed within her ova by a highly
radiation sensitive genetic process where ALL of her eggs of future
offspring are genetically damaged to the extent that they will ALL
eventually contract terminal cancer, foreshortening normal actuarys-

Origins of this theory were derived by cancer researchers from
Michigan State Univ from study of records of US congress and the
British Parliment. By correlating cancer deaths with mothers birthdate,
there was found a direct comparison with the recurring solar cycles.

The IMPACT on the human race by this solar system reversal cycle is
enormous for it defines all of MODERN HISTORY like clockwork-
that every 3 solar cycles or every 66.6 yrs there are global socio-
economic and political upheavels that have occured on Earth

This is not idle conjecture-
The 22.2yr solar cycle acts as a gentle tug on the swing of population
growth to cause the human race to grow in sun-synchronization via a
Solar Mortality Theory so that when the 4th generation wave arrives,
we have the aged and newborn, neither working, but both consuming.
This is the root cause of global upheavals in socio-economic and
political systems, that occur every 3 solar cycles, just like clockwork.

Starting with a solar reversal during the year 1796, using 1796.5
there have been 3 major bifurcation points in modern human history-
1863, 1929, 1996 spaced roughly by 66.6 yrs as written in the bible.
Why 1796.5? Its just a Mid-Year start point because 2 public health
discoveries occured in 1796 that greatly increased longevity of life-

1. In 1795 The British Royal Navy issued an edict for all sailors to eat
limes, fresh fruit and veggies to prove that scurvy, rickets, beri-beri &
other diseases of malnutrition were caused by Lack of Vitamins.
By 1796.5 Vitamin Deficiency was known to the "civilized" world.

2. In 1796 British physicians discovered Cowpox, a cure for Smallpox
By 1798 a publication "CowPox" was printed & distributed throughout
the British empire and "civilized" world. Not so lucky if you were an
"uncivilized" savage, couldn't read, so you accepted the white man's
blankets from smallpox victims. Hey, the blankets were carried in-
So wheres the idea of "White man speak with forked tongue" from?
Early version of Family Values? as in American "Just US" or was it
early version of Germocidal or Genocidal Warfare vs local natives?
Overflow of Europe needed to go somewhere, so if it was genocide,
better to be native populations of savages than "civilized" Europeans.

Add 3 solar cycles (3 generations) to 1796.5 and you get a bifurcation
point when the 4th generation arrives sun-synchronized in 1863. Did
anything happen in 1862? For one there was a Civil War over land
reform that killed over 20 Million. But I'm talking about CHINA, not US
Civil War. Lincoln was advised it would take 1 Billion slaves to do the
Great Plains. Pick up any dictionary and look up 1862 Land Grant
College Act, What was that all about? It defines our US Civil War-
It was Mechanized Agriculture- Lincoln wasn't Just a great president,
he was a Towering Giant among men to have such vision-

He intended to MECHANIZE AGRICULTURE if he had to go to war.
Slavery was in the way, so just like GM today, he "laid off" the slaves
only in the south (NOT the North, so he didn't FREE them, did he?)
1863 Emancipation Proclamation made it illegal to work as a slave-
The slaves were FREE to go. Slavery won out in China's civil war
just as Lincolns advisors predicted its 1 Billion slaves to do China.
Today products are "Made in China"...but "by slaves" is left off-
Lets go on to show the root causes of 1st Great Depression-
Again, the 3 Solar Cycle Theory defines Modern History-
It's written, just have to read about it and use your brane-

Next bifurcation point is 1862.5+66.6=1929.7
Anything of global socio-economic significance happen in 1929?
I dunno', wasn't there then. How about the 1st Great Depresion?
Remember, they didn't know the 1st Great War was really WWI
until WWII came along. We ain't quite there yet are we?
Bet we'll know it when it happens.

My mom born in1909 remembers at age 10 helping cook for a
crew of 2 dozen men to do her father's wheat field. By the time
she was out of college in 1929, it took only 4 men to do same job.
But what happened to the other TWENTY men? Uuhh, they went
to town to look for work. And all the young men went out to chop
cotton carrying a hoe and knapsack. Called them 'Hoe Boys'
Bet you never heard any of this in any history class,
but IT IS WRITTEN- read "Grapes of Wrath".

Economic bifurcation points-
When the US economy is under threat, govt makes a change in
currency. US changed currency only 3 times in modern history-

1. 1862- US began to fight a protracted, long term Civil War
2. 1929- US stk mkt crash, beginning of the Great Depression
3. 1995- US realized high tech copiers could devalue currency.

Do these numbers "ring a bell"? LIKE CLOCKWORK.

So, what was the bifurcation point that took place in mid-90's?
Currency changed, but were not aware that War was Declared
by Osama Bin Laden, until 9/11 brought it to light.

Backup 3 solar cycles to 1929- origins of Muslim extremists were
a handful of Islamic extremists who met in Cairo, Egypt late 1928
Founded a movement that 3 generations later led to Al Queda-
Knowing this, its apparent that WW3 has begun, that we are in
another CRUSADE not unlike the previous 1st Millenium crusades
where western world attacked the mideast- this time its defensive
Therin lies our problem- Again we use an increase in deathrates
as our Final Solution- just as NazisHitler imposed a Final Solution

What's next? War overpowers any depression that might occur-
we also have interlaced the 500 year cycle of communication,
where 1500 marked Gutenberg printing press of mass production
of books and now the PC/Internet impact global communications.

PHASE SHIFT due to WWII modifier.
Impact of WWII on human reproduction was to cause the normal
3 solar cycle bifurcation point to add a single solar reversal of 11.1
years to traditional 66.6 year time period to become 77.7 years.

Mid-90's atrocities that occured in Bosnia/Kosovo leave a record
of birth dates for genocide victims. A plot of victims vs birth dates
gives a chart w/a SPIKE in births that occured in 1930 and 1963.
This is an indication that the global socio-economic upheaval was
shifted by one 11.1 year solar reversal due to the fact that WWII
had enormous impact on our reproductive cycle since there were
not that many kids born during WWII in Europe.

Means normal 3 solar cycle sun-synchronization of human race
was "Phase-Shifted" one solar reversal of 11.1 years to add to a
normal 66.6 year 3 solar cycle event, so 77.7 yrs has to be added
to 1929.8 stk mkt crash to get the next big bifurcation point date
Add 77.7 to get 2007.5 when next major global socio-economic
upheaval will occur, like CLOCKWORK in sun-synchronized pop.

Guess what mechanism will precipitate such an event. When US
military "Might is Right" takes out Iran's nuclear facility, OPEC
will turn off the spigots & say "Try to feed your economy now."
Won't be lack of gasoline, it will be NO FOOD on store shelves &
we need to Be Prepared like never before with pinto beans, cans
of food and bulk basics like flour, sugar, dried eggs, powder milk.
Best to take a page out of Mormon hndbk, keep 1yr food supply.

FOOD SHORTAGES will occur during the TRANSITION TIME of
switching from foreign to domestic oil. We don't realize BULK of all
our food comes from OIL & the HABER chemical process wherein
Natural Gas is combined with air to create ammonium nitrate or
fertilizer to distribute to farmers to pump into the fields to then
grow bumper crops. Block natural gas supply and we all starve to
death w/in one growing season- Scientific American said in Sept
'76 issue on ENERGY, we're all literally "living on borrowed time"
the time it took to store solar energy within ancient fossile fuels.
Its a "Fact of Life"

Sorry about that
More later- roger

Dedicated to my CYNICAL brother Fred's short stay on Earth.
A reincarnated Greek Warrior- he left Air Acadamy rifle team in
disgust sr. year, protesting lack of a true Code of Honor and US
policy of Might is Right. Also, women AF cadets raped too often.
So much for the "Code of Honor"

No one like Fred- Proclaimed "Silence is Security" trusted no one.
Won '57 NCAA small bore rifle championships- Devised a mount
for rifle barrel that would "loft" a slow bullet by pressure increase
along barrel length to cross a fast bullet's trajectory downrange-
Used a .375 cal. H&H Magnum rifle that "focused" at 600 yards
Ensured that bull Elk didn't suffer long like w/a 30-30 cal. shot

Fred also conceived of aeronautical concept that a commercial jet
flying at altitude had a 30% error in its engine intake area size.
He calculated that a jet engine radiated enough energy ahead of
the plane that it was flying into a heated atmosphere and reqd a
larger intake to injest air at room temperature, not the -65 deg
temp of a non-heated atmosphere. So today you can note there's
been a size increase in ALL jet engined aircraft by simply
expanding the air intake out to sides, all other parameters fixed.

Fred said the mark of the 21st Century will be EFFICIENCY .
We ain't there yet are we? with 11 mpg SUVs, I guess NOT.

Ancient lore has it "solutions & problems are not separate issues"
meaning clues for solutions are often found w/in the problem itself

Traditional FINAL SOLUTION to economic crises is GENOCIDE.
Better solution-limit birthrates in the first place. ABORTIONS are
part of traditional solution- lower birthrates and higher deathrates

Better solution is to address issue of high birthrates in 1st place
On a finite thin shell we call Earth, it makes sense in the long run
to address issue of Human Rights of Reproduction- like China
"Citizens of Earth have right to reproduce ONCE & ONCE ONLY"
Its 2kids per family (boy/girl) to solve ALL mankinds problems
Gays are not a problem, they're part of the solution- no kids

A matter of numbers- Too many sucking off the economy leads
to massive socio-economic upheavals AGAIN and AGAIN. To
simply say NEVER AGAIN is ignorant of historical fact that large
familys eventually lead to a wrecked economy when everyone is
still alive but no one is working. We're at such a point now as post
war generation begins to retire, not working. Means only one
generation supports aged, newborn & retirees- not enough.
IT WILL NOT WORK..................DUH!